Plastic Cap Roofing Nail

  • Material: High Carbon Stell

  • Shank Type: Ring shank / Spiral shank

  • Plastic Round Head Diameter: 1″

  • Plastic Round Head Color: Blue / Yellow / Red / Green etc

  • Diameter: 2.68mm / 2.8mm / 3.1mm

  • Shank Diameter: 11G / 12G

  • Length: 25.4mm~76.2mm

  • Finish: Polisher / EG / HDG / MG

  • Sample: Accept

  • Service: OEM/ODM is accepted

  • Packing: Small box or bulk in carton with or without pallet




Plastic Cap Roofing nail is used in roof installations to fasten shingles, to install the roofing underlayment for waterproofing and to attach roof tiles and sheet metal. There are different kinds of roofing nails, made of different materials and in various sizes.

Roofing nails are cleverly designed to help you do a better job. Though they vary greatly in material, size and type, all roofing nails share one helpful characteristic: a diamond‐shaped point. This point is expertly designed to keep the decking intact when it punctures through.

Plastic Cap Roofing Nail


Plastic Cap Nail has already assembled with a ring shank nail. It features a round plastic insulation caps. Used for fastening foamboard, roofing felt, insulation, house wraps, film, etc.
  • Nails have ring shank around head
  • Used to fasten to a variety of different products
  • Round plastic installation caps
  • Hold the roof-covering materials in their place.
  • Against the moisture intrusion.
  • Reduce the heat sinking effect of metal to the building materials.
  • Used to attach roofing underlayment, felt, housewrap and insulation


Flexible round head conforms to surface making it difficult for water to get under the cap.Plastic cap roofing nail can hold the materials in their place, so they can be used in the high-wind areas.

  • Use to secure roofing felt, sheathing, building papers, etc.
  • Used for roofing felt, sheathing, polyethylene.
  • Can be used for Roll roofing, re-roofing, chicken wire, wire lathe.
  • Used to fasten materials such as the base sheet, vapor barrier, underlayment or soundproof materials.

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