34 Degree Screw Shank Paper Collated Framing Nails 3-1/4 in X 0.120

  • Degree: 30°,34°.
  • Length: 50mm-130mm.
  • Shank type:  smooth,screws,ring.
  • Coating: Yellow, Red, Blue.
  • Head: round head and D (clipped) head.
  • Collation type: high performance paper tape.
  • Diameter: 2.8mm(0.113″)3.05mm(0.120″)3.33mm(0.131″)3.76mm(0.148″).
  • Surface treatment: Bright Finish,Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG),Electro Galvanized (EG),Stainless Steel .



Paper Collated Framing Nails are joined by a strip of paper and glue using the same technique as joist hanger nails. Our paper strips are 100% waterproof and designed for outdoor use, which means that nails will remain in the paper strip in any weather conditions.

Paper Collated Framing Nails are used in framing, terrace decking, fencing, etc. Gluing nails without gaps allows you to have more in one strip. This type of nail connection ensures even more convenient work with a nailgun. Paper tape D-head framing nails come at a 34° angle and are compatible with most nail gun brands.


2”.113”D TypeDiamondRing/Smooth34° Angled Strip5000
2-1/4”.113”D TypeDiamondRing/Smooth34° Angled Strip5000
2-3/8″.113”D TypeDiamondRing/Smooth34° Angled Strip5000
2-1/2″.113”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip5000
3″.120”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip5000
3-1/4″.120”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip3000
3-1/2″.120”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip3000
3″.131”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip3000
3-1/4″.131”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip3000
3-1/2″.131”D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip3000
1-1/2″.148″D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip2000
2-1/2″.148″D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip2000
2-1/2″.162″D TypeDiamondSmooth/Ring/Screw34° Angled Strip1000

Paper Collated Framing Nails

  • Paper tape is generally used for 30 through 34 degree framing nails and has a strip of paper with glue holding the fasteners together.
  • Paper tape nails contribute to a cleaner job site because the paper around the fastener is driven into the wood along with the fastener, instead of around the job site.
  • Paper tape also reduces the risk of having material stuck under the nail head leaving the top part of the fastener exposed. However, they are sometimes easy to break apart and do not work well in wet or moist conditions because the paper can become soggy.


  • Made of steel for strength and durability
  • Bright finish enhances visibility
  • For use in 30 to 34 degree paper tape collation framing nailers
  • Compatible with various brand tools such as Bostitch, Hitachi, Max, Porter Cable, etc.


  • Bulk in carton and Support custom packaging and logo
  • 2000pcs,3000pcs,4000pcs/cartons

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