Copper Roofing Nails Ring Shank

  • Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
  • Head: Diamond Point or Cut Point
  • Material model: Q195, Q235
  • Shank type: Smooth Shank or Barbed Shank or Embossing Shank
  • Surface Treatment:  Copper
  • Sample: Accept
  • Service: OEM/ODM is accepted
  • Packing: Small box or bulk in carton with or without pallet



Copper Nail feature wide, flat heads for an increased bearing surface with diamond points and smooth shanks for ease of penetration. They are made entirely of solid copper and their corrosion resistance and malleability make them a good alternative to galvanized nails.

Best Choice for:

  • Installation of Slate, Tile and Copper Roofing nails
  • Installation of Copper Flashing and Hardware
  • Long term corrosion resistance in harsh environments
Penny SizeLength (in)GaugeHead Dia. (in)Shank Dia. (in)Approx. Count/ lb
3d1 1/41027/640.134176
3d1 1/4113/80.12219
4d1 1/21027/640.134146
4d1 1/2113/80.12183
5d1 3/41027/640.134125
5d1 3/4113/80.12156
8d2 1/21027/640.13488

Copper Roofing Nail

GENERAL FASTENING RULES——————————————————————————————————————–

Proper Copper Roofing Nails are essential to a good roof performance. To ensure proper nailing during the shingle application:

  • Use the correct type, size and grade of nail as is specified in the application instruction.
  • Use corrosion resistant nails.
  • Position the nails according to the shingle specifications.
  • Align the shingles properly before nailing to avoid exposing nails in the course below.


  • Produced with top quality CDA-110 Copper in conformance with ASTM B49
  • Ring barb shanks offer greater holding power for extreme weather climates
  • Shank Diameters fit pre-formed tile and Slate holes
  • Larger head diameters preferred for covering the tile holes and installing copper flashing and vents
  • Manufactured with Diamond points for easy driving
  • Also available in smooth shanks


Flat Head Common Rofing Nails for general building material fastening

  • Building construction.
  • Wooden furniture.
  • Connect timber pieces.
  • Asbestos shingle.
  • Plastic tile fixed.
  • Wooden construction.
  • Indoor decorations.

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