15 Degree Plastic Collated Siding Nails Ring Shank

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 2.5–3.1 mm.
  • Nail number: 120–350.
  • Length: 19–100 mm.
  • Collation type: plastic strip or band.
  • Collation angle: 0°, 15°.
  • Head: round head and D (clipped) head
  • Shank type:  ring shank.
  • Point: diamond.
  • Surface treatment:  stainless steel.



15 Degree Plastic Collated Siding Nails are an excellent choice for face nailing applications. 304 grade stainless steel makes them the best choice! The plastic collation ejects as a strip out the front of your tool instead of breaking off and going down with the nail. If the ejected strip get’s too long just tear if off and keep nailing. Go for the cleaner look without the mess of collation debris under your nail head. Choose plastic collated coil siding nails.

15 Degree Plastic Collated Siding Nail is generally used for 15 degree coil nails.plastic strip but it eliminates the messy job site and also pieces of plastic stuck under the nail head when the nail is driven. The plastic band exit’s the coil nailer in one piece making for easy cleanup. 

Shank DiaLengthHead DiaPCS / Roll

15 Degree Plastic Collated Siding Nails Ring Shank

SURFACE TREATMENT——————————————————————————————————————————–

 Stainless Steel fasteners can be used for exterior or interior applications and generally come in 304 or 316 stainless steel. 



  1. No sting, no jams, no waste.
  2. Cost saving and fairly durable.
  3. Resistant to damage due to water, heat or cold.
  4. Work well with all standard corresponding framing nailers.
  5. Great holding power and resistant to bending.
  6. Complete styles, gauges and sizes are available.

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